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Raise Your Frequency Podcast

Aug 1, 2018

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about writing your own book? A book that somehow allows you to demonstrate your skill sets related to your area of expertise, that could also establish you as a credible source in your field? Though writing your own book may seem like a tedious or overwhelming task, it doesn’t have to be, and it can actually lead you on the path to expanding your brand and influence, like a catalyst that reaches out to the clients you want to work with. 

My guest this week is Daria Anne DiGiovanni, host of “Your Book, Your Brand, Your Business” on iHeart Radio and W4CY. As an author, ghostwriter, copywriter and independent publishing consultant, Daria shares with us how writing your own book can help you expand your brand, influence, credibility and ultimately, your reach to your target market. During the episode, she explains how you can get started, what to do if you’re stuck, and how to get your book out into the world! 

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